March 2, 2024

There are moments when we fall into the trap of simply going through the motions and following the faith handed down to us by our parents or culture. On the outside, we may look fine, but down below we are stuck in our own disbelief, hurt, anger and sin. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way?

What if our generation could be THE generation where we are able to weather the storms life throws at us. What would it look like if we were able to be so grounded in our faith that we are able to produce life-giving fruit no matter how much we’re shaken.

Join 1,700 fellow young adults on Saturday March 2, 2024 at Outpour where we will explore the The Book of Colossians to learn what it really means to be ROOTED in Christ and how building our lives on His foundation will not only get us through but will allow us to become a beacon of hope for those around us.

This is not just a conference, it’s a journey – a journey that will challenge us, transform us, and unite us as we explore the depths of our Christ centred faith together.

2023 Recap:

11 Years of visionary speakers, inspiring worship and artists

Over 11,000 attendees

100s of volunteers ready to serve you

Attending the Outpour Conference is easy:

1. Register for the conference

2. Receive your confirmation

3. Get ready to be immersed in a faith community

Main Stage Guides

Shaila Visser

National Director, Alpha Canada & Global Senior Vice President, Alpha International

Shaila Visser is the National Director of Alpha Canada and the Global Senior Vice-President for Alpha International. She is the Executive Producer of both The Alpha Youth Film Series (2013) and The Alpha Film Series (2016), and currently holds position on the Board of the Damascus Road Foundation.

Shaila has a heart for people coming to know Jesus and is passionate about helping the local church flourish. She is a gifted communicator who is known for her strategic leadership as well as her ability to bring people together. Shaila is recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Christian Women in Canada.

Shaila loves hiking, beaches, next generation leaders, her big anglo-Indian family, and achieving new goals- whether that be fitness, books, or learning. Shaila lives in Vancouver BC with her husband, Ryan Visser, a Vancouver Police Officer, and their four-legged family members, Talon and Benny.

Vijay Krishnan

Lead Pastor, The Well
Vijay Krishnan is the Lead Pastor at The Well Church. He and his wife Jennifer were part of the group who “planted” The Well in 2005 and in 2009, after leaving his career in business to join the pastoral staff.

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, the church was a part of Vijay's life from the beginning. It was there that he met Jesus and became a christian. The church provided him opportunities to form friendships that have lasted for decades, learn about his spiritual gifts and abilities, and receive guidance from the generation ahead of him.

Vijay, his wife and their three sons are privileged to be a part of what God is doing in, and through, The Well Church.

Sharon Witton

Co-Pastor, Toronto City Church

Sharon Witton is the co-pastor of Toronto City Church with her husband Brendan. Toronto City Church is an intercultural, intergenerational church with a passion to impact the city of Toronto and the nation of Canada. Sharon serves in a number of organisations and movements including the Ministers Network Canada, and Empowered 21 where she is the Next Gen North American Regional Co-chair.

She also sits on the board of I am Compelled, an educational charity, the Culture Changers, a non-profit organisation that focuses on tackling critical cultural issues that affect the church and the next generation, and Alpha Canada.

Sharon's passions include empowering women, raising next generation leaders and seeing believers grow in the prophetic. She and Brendan have two awesome kids, Micah and Shiloh.

Domenic Ruso

Lead Pastor, The180 Church
Domenic is a pastor, author and leader who believes that this is the best time to learn and engage with the next generation. His passion for the church has led him to the church plant (the180.ca) in Montreal region where he grew up. It is in this emerging secular context that Dom is constantly working through complex questions about faith, spirituality, truth and how those intersect with faith in Jesus and the Bible. He has a PhD in Church History & is passionate about teaching and preaching in that way that will help leaders and churches rethink their leadership paradigms for biblical engagement with our emerging Post-Christian context.

Sawyer Bullock

Associate Pastor, Bayview Glen Church & Illusionist

Sawyer Bullock is an international, award winning speaker and mentalist. His unique mixture of wit and trickery has brought him to places like North Korea, Rwanda, Las Vegas, and is a regular performer at TIFF.

Whether it’s guessing your PIN number, stopping his pulse, or stealing your watch, Sawyer’s magic pushes the boundaries of imagination and gives us a glimpse of wonder in the world.

OJ the DJ

Resident DJ for Outpour

Oj has been a DJ for several years with most notable events with World of Dance, Warner Brothers, Kingdom Bound in New York, Otafest Calgary, Change Conference in Toronto, Youth Quake in Saskatchewan, Lecrae, KB, and over 100 high school and university events.
Born in America and living in Canada with a Nigerian heritage, Oje is typically fusing different cultures together in an aim to bring unity amongst people.

With a following of 500K, DJing in over 8 countries, opening and playing with acts such as Lecrae, For King and Country, KB and hundreds of high school and university events, OJ has music for everyone!

Main Stage Worship

Kim Walker-Smith

Kim Walker-Smith

Jesus Culture

Kim Walker-Smith is one of the main worship leaders for the Jesus Culture and Jesus Culture events, and was previously a worship pastor for Bethel Church in Redding. She is passionate about God’s love for people, the transformational power of Holy Spirit, and encountering the Presence of God. Her music has reached millions around the world, crossing borders and denominations, releasing breakthrough, healing, and hope. Kim’s highest priority is to love God and follow His leading, and to invite those she leads to follow after Him with her. With 20 years of worship leadership and a fearless heart, Kim continues to bring others into deeper, more personal relationships with the Living God.

Outpour Worship

Outpour Worship is made up of worship leaders across the Greater Toronto Area. For the last 11 years, they have been leading our community in song to worship our God. The music is familiar and easy to sing so that anyone can join in and experience the love and joy that comes from worshipping God. But their purpose goes beyond just leading others in song – Outpour Worship is passionate about equipping a young adult generation to make a difference and live out their faith every day.


Saturday March 2, 2024


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Group Rate (5+)

At Outpour, you’re going to find:

A Christian community that understands where you are in your faith journey and accepts you for you.

It can be easy to look around at other Christians and assume everyone is deep and committed in their faith, but that’s simply not true. You may be excited and on fire for God or you may be wondering if Christianity is actually for you. Outpour has a speaker, a breakout, an artist or a song that will speak to you.

Great speakers, music and artists.

Outpour conference features several keynote speakers, multiple breakout sessions, a top-rated worship time and talented artists throughout the conference. All of this is designed to create an atmosphere where you have the ability to reflect and be open to God’s message for you.

A volunteer team that cares about you.

You have been to an event where the staff clearly have to be there and probably wish they were somewhere else. That’s not the case at Outpour. From the management team organizing the logistics through the people welcoming you at the front door - we’re all volunteers who have one goal: to make your Outpour experience what’s right for you.

Space for reflection

Your faith is personal. It’s yours and it’s part of who you are. At Outpour, there’s space for reflection, both physically and metaphorically. After listening to a compelling speaker, you may need quiet time where you can reflect on your own so we’ve created spaces where you can go and pray or spend time in your own thoughts away from the crowd.

Our Partners

Tyndale University
Muskoka Woods
Muskoka Woods

Why decide to attend the Outpour Conference?

When was the last time you were around 1,700 people your age all with a desire to understand their faith at a deeper level? If you’re lucky, you may have a handful of friends you feel comfortable with to speak about your beliefs and if you’re really lucky, you have a great college and careers group you’re a part of.

That’s what makes Outpour so special. Over a thousand people your age are at different places on their faith journey with one goal in mind: to have an encounter with God, get clarity and come away with something deeper for their life.

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Lab Speakers

Karmyn Bokma

Jeff Brodie

Lead Pastor, Connexus Church

Karmyn Bokma

Karmyn Bokma

Pastor & Itinerant Speaker

Anu George

Kaarina Hsieh

Lead Pastor, Parkway Forest Community Church

Chris Tompkins

Ethan Park

Managing Partner, Extract Capital

Cheryl Nembhard

Jon Thompson

Lead Pastor, Sanctus Church

Mike Gordon

Jason Persaud

Senior Advisor, Alpha Canada

Alyssa Esparaz

Alyssa Esparaz

Content & Public Relations Manager, Compassion Canada

Alyssa Esparaz

Matt Vincent

Lead Pastor, Lewisville Church

Brooke Nicholls

Brooke Nicholls

Worship Leader, Songwriter & Author

Dr. Helen Noh

Dr. Helen Noh

Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology, Tyndale University