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What is the cost of 1,096 days of not being able to meet together, to go out with friends, worship at church and be in community with each other? The toll of living through three years of COVID has been high. In its wake we have been left with some real struggles such as loneliness, a lack of passion and mental health realities we never thought we’d have to face.

So where do we go from here? How do we get back to the wholeness and richness of life we knew with such abundance?

Outpour (formerly Fluid) has been answering this question for more than a decade. Our desire is to show you that God has so much more for you. When connected to Jesus you are filled up with his love. His power. His grace. So much so that it inevitably pours out from you into your work, your school and your friendships.

John 7:38 says that “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” This is the promise we are believing for this generation. This is the hope we have for you.

Join 1500 young adults from across Ontario to explore and be reminded what a life with God looks like.

2023 Recap:

10 Years of visionary speakers, inspiring worship and artists

Over 11,000 attendees

100s of volunteers ready to serve you

At Outpour, you’re going to find:

A Christian community that understands where you are in your faith journey and accepts you for you.

It can be easy to look around at other Christians and assume everyone is deep and committed in their faith, but that’s simply not true. You may be excited and on fire for God or you may be wondering if Christianity is actually for you. Outpour has a speaker, a breakout, an artist or a song that will speak to you.

Great speakers, music and artists.

Outpour conference features several keynote speakers, multiple breakout sessions, a top-rated worship time and talented artists throughout the conference. All of this is designed to create an atmosphere where you have the ability to reflect and be open to God’s message for you.

A volunteer team that cares about you.

You have been to an event where the staff clearly have to be there and probably wish they were somewhere else. That’s not the case at Outpour. From the management team organizing the logistics through the people welcoming you at the front door - we’re all volunteers who have one goal: to make your Outpour experience what’s right for you.

Space for reflection

Your faith is personal. It’s yours and it’s part of who you are. At Outpour, there’s space for reflection, both physically and metaphorically. After listening to a compelling speaker, you may need quiet time where you can reflect on your own so we’ve created spaces where you can go and pray or spend time in your own thoughts away from the crowd.

Our Partners

Tyndale University
Muskoka Woods
The Bridge Markham
Mountainside Church
Canadian Bible Society

Why decide to attend the Outpour Conference?

When was the last time you were around 1,500 people your age all with a desire to understand their faith at a deeper level? If you’re lucky, you may have a handful of friends you feel comfortable with to speak about your beliefs and if you’re really lucky, you have a great college and careers group you’re a part of.

That’s what makes Outpour so special. Over a thousand people your age are at different places on their faith journey with one goal in mind: to have an encounter with God, get clarity and come away with something deeper for their life.

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